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A Different Approach To Understanding Dyslexia

We target the reason the problem exists

When you address the reason the problem exists - then master it - the problem will cease to exist 

Meet the Millers

Extraordinary Minds --- Dyslexia Explained

Each client receives a targeted "one- on -one" program that's formatted to reach their specific goals.

Each program is designed to:

              * Strengthen focus and end confusion 
              * Use both mental and physical tools to master                          symbols, words and concepts.
              * Develop stronger reading, spelling and 
                comprehension skills.
              * Understand how to use these "tools" as life
                skills in all aspects of daily living.

 At the end of the initial program clients will:

        * Have more confidence in their abilities

        * Have a better understanding how they think

        * Have stronger reading/spelling/study skills

        * Be on a more successful learning path


Are You Ready To Find A Lasting Solution and Stop the Struggle - To Stop the Confusion

Reach out today to set up a call to find out more information - What do you have to loose besides the struggle?..... But more importantly - what do you have to GAIN!

"Why are things so hard for me and not for everyone else?" Does this sound familiar?

We get your struggles and are here to help. 

Our world revolves around reading and fitting into the "round hole".  But when you struggle with reading, symptoms of ADD/ADHD, or understanding math -you feel like a "square peg" struggling to fit into that round hole .  At Moving Mountains Academy, using the tools and techniques developed by Ron Davis, life skills are developed that move the mountain of frustration and gives you the ability to fit into the that "round hole" should you choose to!

To find out more or to book an assessment to see how the program can work for you -- contact us today!


Picture thinkers can learn to navigate the Word thinking World

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