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Ron Davis and The Program

The Davis® approach is a highly effective, non-traditional suite of programs for dyslexia and other learning differences. Davis methods give individuals the tools to use their inherent, natural strengths to overcome specific areas of academic or workplace difficulties. The method was developed by Ronald D. Davis, after a breakthrough discovery enabled him to overcome his own severe dyslexia at the age of 38. Based on his research with other dyslexic adults, Davis opened a center in California in 1982. He continued to explore and refine his methods working with hundreds of clients, and twelve years later, in 1994, published the first edition of his book, The Gift of Dyslexia.

After publication of the book, Davis developed a formal program to train professionals to provide the dyslexia program, and over the years also developed standard protocols for programs aimed at resolving difficulties with mathematics and attention focus, as well as programs geared to individuals on the autistic spectrum. There are now hundreds of qualified Davis facilitators providing programs in dozens of languages in more than 45 nations, who collectively have worked successfully with tens of thousands of clients. Davis professionals work with individuals of all ages, from children as young as age 5 to senior citizens past the age of 90.


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I Understand

Having a daughter who struggled through out her school years, un-diagnosed, I understand the frustrations of looking for solutions, but not finding anything that helps...that is until we found Davis®

I Care

My focus here is not about "getting by" its about reaching full potential. I tailor the program to meet clients needs and goals. Its not about my success ... it's about yours!

I Support

Once original program is finished, i am still available for follow up support and questions, depending on the needs of the client. 

Lori Bandong

As a mom of four kids, I have dealt with many ups and downs of the road of education, more downs that ups with one of my daughters, who struggled with school from kindergarten through high school. During her grade 6 year, we took her for educational testing, where it was confirmed that she struggled, but would they not say why or"label her"...instead we were just given tips on what could help. Nothing really change, she continued to struggle to the point of suffering severe anxiety when it came to school work. When I came across the Davis program and began to study it, it was like a light went on " this is my daughter" Unfortunately I did not find Davis in time to help her to finish high school, but I am happy to say it did help her in her post secondary education, where she finished her certificate program at the top of her class and is currently planning on going to university for a degree in communications - this is where she struggled the most. 

I decided to become a Licensed Facilitator for Davis because of the success I have seen with the program, if I can help other people so they don't have to go through what my daughter did...that is success.

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