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Attention Mastery Program and ADD/ADHD

Tendencies Of  People With ADD/ADHD

* Finds it hard to manage their time

*Is easily distracted

* Prone to daydreaming

* Constantly disorganized

* Acts first - Then Thinks

* Has Difficulty making or keeping friends

* Struggles to understanding and/or following instructions

*Energy level too high or too low for what needs to be done

How Does The Program Work?

The Attention Mastery Program is a Drug Free program. It teaches self-regulating tools and techniques to help with focus, control of energy and stress. Clients learn how to examine their behavior and the impact it has on others. Program uses a person's creative talents to master essential concepts that have been hindering them from being able to function well in their complex world. 

When the program is completed a client should find improvement in the following areas;

* The ability to manage and keep their focus

* Understanding the consequences of their actions

* Organize their personal space and life

* Ability to recognize then correct inappropriate actions and attitudes 

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