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A Few Words From Some Of My Clients.

S. S.  12 yrs old at time of program

My son did the Davis Dyslexia program as he was diagnosed with a strong written output disorder. The program taught us he is definitely a picture thinker and sees things differently and studying should be done a different way. My son came home one day stressed out and very upset because they were learning the map of Canada and he had me memorize the names of all the provinces and the capital cities. He isn't good with spelling or names and wanted to give up on school. He said, "I can never do this". We got the clay out and built Canada and all the names in clay. He wrote the test and got 100% on the test. This method really does work.

K.S. (AKA Mom)

I.B. 19 yrs old at time of program

I am not struggling the way I did as a kid. I know can understand what I am working and and I am able to get my thoughts out onto paper. I am excited to learn now because I know I can do it.

S.S. 10 yrs old at time of program

I cant believe the difference in my child since he started the program. His ability to focus has increased so much. We can get through his homework now and he is willing to read. I wish this program was offered in schools so that kids can get help sooner and not need to struggle.

A.S. (AKA Mom)

S.H. 15 yrs old at time of program

I am shocked to hear her read and understand what she is reading. We have tried everything we could and many programs to help her with her reading. Nothing was working. I am so happy to see this change in her. She now reading at grade level instead of several grade levels behind.

B.H.(AKA Mom)

P. 15 yrs old at time of program

We just had a meeting with the support team at school for the new school year after finishing the program. Her teachers were very surprised to see the change in her. They are no longer concerned about her ability to keep up with her peers in school. P was just beaming when she could show that she was capable.

A. M. (AKA Mom) 

M. I. 5 yrs old at time of program

M was entering grade 1 and still could not recognize any of his letters, let alone read. We had paid for private tutors, many different programs and nothing had work. The month before we started this program, M had worked with a private, one on one tutor, for 2 weeks straight - several hours a day. Nothing changed. After the 1st morning working with Lori, we did not even get out of the driveway before M was pointing to the letters he had learned that day. He is now reading some and continuing to grow in his skills. His teachers are amazed at his progress.

M.I.  (AKA Mom) 

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